Best Fat Burner For Women: Body Composition

Best Fat Burner For Women: Body Composition

Estrogen is what makes you a woman and testosterone is what makes me a man. Women and men alike have a normal healthy and important circulating level of both of these hormones. Your estrogen levels are much higher than the small amount a man would have, and likewise a man's testosterone level is much higher than your normal health levels.

Gender differences in estrogen and testosterone levels are what dictate the difference we see in the normal healthy ranges of body composition between men and women.
Best Fat Burner For Women

The normal body composition range for men is between 10%-20% bodyfat and for women is 20%-30%.

Critically low bodyfat for men is approximately 3%, whereas for women critical low is approx 13% (asindicated by the appearance of potentially dangerous metabolic abnomralities).

Clearly there is a difference in the general normal body composition of men vs women.

A man can be at or below 10% bodyfat and look healthy and lean. A women achieving this level of bodyfat would actually look abnormal, sickly, and if enough muscle mass is on her body she will look overly masculine.

In my experience working with many different women I've found that a lower bodyfat limit of
approximately 16% - 18% is as low as most women will ever want to go and still maintain a feminine look. Anything below 20% is considered ‘athletic/elite‘ for women. To contrast this with men, a bodyfat % of approx 8-10% would be necessary for a man to be viewed as athletic/elite.

These body composition differences are due to the effect testosterone and estrogen have on our ability to store and bum fat. This is totally normal and no reason for ooncem, it's simply why you are shaped like a woman and I am not. The take home message is not to compare your bodyfat percentage to that of a man (if you're thinking in terms of bodyfat at all).

Best Fat Burner For Women
Your target healthy range is between 20%-30%. Most of our BURNS transfomration contest winners arrive at their best figure anywhere between 18%-22%. Your specific best/happiest/healthiest look will be unique to you. We cannot predict with certainty what your bodyfat % will be when you arrive at the look you are happiest with, but my guess is it will be somewhere close the range of 18-22%. This is important: The goal is not 0% bodyfat, nor is it to reach a predetermined level of bodyfat because you think this is the number you should have. The goal is to create a body you love and are proud of. Mostly likely this will end up somewhere around the range of 18-22% bodyfat.

Let's do a brief summary of the gender differences we've talked about so far.

1. We know that you have more estrogen and less testosterone than men. lt's what makes you a woman, and it also determines what your lower healthy bodyfat range will be.

2. You generally have less lean body mass than a man and therefore do not bum as many calories on a daily basis

3. Because of point 1 and 2 men can generally eat more calories than women and maintain a
somewhat leaner body

The next important gender difference when it comes to fat loss pertains to the honnone leptin.

Best Fat Burner For Women: Body Composition

Best Fat Burner For Women

Best Fat Burner For Women: Body Composition


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